Digital Product Manager

Black Sheep Coffee Head Office

Southwark000Full time

Position: Digital Product Manager

Location: SE1, London

Reports to: Operations & Development Director

Department: Category & Product

Type: Full-time

Job Overview:

The Digital Product Manager at Black Sheep Coffee will be responsible for defining and executing the digital product strategy aimed at enhancing the customer experience across our self-order screens, e-commerce platform, and mobile app. This role is integral to our Category & Product team, ensuring that digital innovations align with our broader product objectives. The ideal candidate will be highly skilled in digital product management, user experience design, and data-driven decision-making, with a passion for delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Digital Product Strategy:

- Develop and implement a comprehensive digital product strategy that enhances the customer journey across self-order screens, e-commerce, and the mobile app.

2. A/B Testing:

- Design and execute a robust A/B testing strategy to experiment with different features, designs, and functionalities, ensuring data-driven enhancements to the digital experience.

- Utilise analytics tools to gather data on user behaviour and product performance.

3. Collaboration:

- Work closely with the Category & Product team, including BI & Analytic (Insights), Marketing, Procurement/Supply Chain, and New Product Development, to ensure cohesive product development and implementation.

4. User Experience (UX):

- Lead UX design efforts to create intuitive, user-friendly digital interfaces that meet customer needs and drive engagement.

5. Self-Order Screens Optimisation:

- Oversee the optimization and user-friendliness of self-order screens in our coffee shops.

- Implement strategies to streamline the ordering process and enhance customer satisfaction.

6. E-commerce and Mobile App Management:

- Lead the development and maintenance of our e-commerce website and mobile app.

- Collaborate with development teams to introduce new features and enhancements based on A/B test outcomes.

7. Customer Feedback:

- Gather and analyse customer feedback to continuously improve the digital product offering.

8. Innovation:

- Stay current with emerging technologies and digital trends to drive innovation and maintain a competitive edge.


- Experience: Minimum of 5 years in digital product management, UX/UI design, or a related field, preferably within the retail or e-commerce sectors.

- Education: Bachelor’s degree in Business, Computer Science, Marketing, or a related field.


- Strong expertise in digital product management and user experience design.

- Proficiency in A/B testing and data analytics.

- Excellent project management and organisational skills.

- Ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams.

- Superior communication and presentation skills.

- Knowledge of e-commerce platforms, mobile app development, and self-order systems.

Product & Category Department:

The newly established Category & Product department at Black Sheep Coffee is tasked with enhancing our product quality and diversity, while ensuring superior customer value and improved store margins. Spearheaded by a new Head of Category & Product, this team will include BI & Analytics, a new Digital Product Manager, Marketing, Procurement/Supply Chain and New Product Development. This department will oversee the entire product lifecycle—from ideation driven by data insights to development, procurement, marketing, and digital integration across self-order screens and our app. By fostering collaboration across these roles, the Category & Product team will ensure seamless implementation of innovative product offerings that align with our strategic goals. This role will report into the new Head of Category & Product but in the interim the Operations & Development Director who oversees this department.

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